How to make a mask for hair growth stimulation

2428 1362995680 54238 150x150 How to make a mask for hair growth stimulationLong, thick hair not only decorate the girls, but also give a great imagination, the ability to try out a lot of hair styling and hair styles. But what if nature has bestowed a thick eyebrows? You can try to stimulate hair growth different masks.
To stimulate hair growth at home there are a number of proven and effective natural masks. You can try several of them to choose for themselves the best option. And don’t forget to take hair masks at least 1 time per week single use-wing enough.

Principles of functioning of all the masks can be divided into several types. Some warm up the skin head, accelerating the blood flow in the vessels feeding the hair. Thanks to this, to the roots of the hair is suitable for more oxygen and nutrients that stimulate their growth. Other masks to nourish hair vitamins and essential elements, also contributing to their growth and health.

Homemade recipes for hair growth
The fastest and easiest option – mustard hair mask. For it it is necessary to take 50 ml of cold water and evenly stir in the mustard powder to a thick cream. At the request of the mask so you can add honey or olive oil, rich in vitamins. The mixture should be applied to the hair roots for 5-15 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the scalp) and then rinse thoroughly. Mustard warm from the heat of the skin and begins to warm up, accelerating the bloodstream.

Using mustard powder, be careful. Apply it only to the hair roots, as the mustard can overdry the tips. If scalp burns unbearably hard, rinse the mask off and try another option.
For supply to the hair follicles are perfect olive oil and castor oil, honey. Try to make a mask for the hair using these components, adding to the mixture of other oils, and also vitamin E. Such masks to be applied to the hair roots at least 30 minutes to skin got the power.

Pharmacy mask
Effect of warming up can be achieved using hair masks with pepper tincture. An excellent option is burdock extract of red pepper, which you can buy in finished form in the pharmacy. Mask in the heated state is applied to the hair roots, after which the hair close foil or polyethylene and left in place a towel to keep warm and creating a greenhouse effect. Keep the mask on the hair should be at least half an hour. The optimal variant of 1-1,5 hours. Then the hair should be well washed several times with shampoo.

Do not forget that the use of harmful household chemicals can negate all of your efforts and action masks. Change your shampoo on tools that do not contain SLS, parabens and silicones affecting the scalp and hair.

In the shop you can advise already ready mask for hair growth stimulation. Such funds usually they contain various vitamins (vitamin E, nicotinic acid), and chemical additives to facilitate better absorption of nutrients.

Do not forget that the condition of your hair depends on the power. Eat more fruit, vegetables and nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. This vitamin charging inside is more useful than the external nutrition of hair and scalp.